On a high hill overlooking the city of Ponce is the Serralles Castle, once the baronial estate of one of Puerto Rico's most powerful rum-producing families. It is not really a castle but ponceños gave it that name because its elegant clay-tile capped tower, its graceful arches, its long galleries and landscaped terraces suggest a medieval castle. Its rooms now delight visitors with their preservation of an elegant era and their exhibits of artifacts from the rum and sugarcane trade.

The Serralles Castle is a magnificent example of Spanish Revival architecture, popular in the 1920's. It was designed by architect Pedro de Castro and was completed in the early 1930's. It occupies three levels in the hillside. Minute detailing characterizes the windows, roofs,ironwork and mosaics. Authentic furnishings include the original Serralles dining room with its reminiscence of Medieval Spain.

Apermanene exhibition chronicles the sugar cane and rum industries, including information on the role of the Serralles family in the founding Central Mercedita and Don Q, Ponce's world-famous rum.. There is a cafe and arts and crafts shop on the grounnds. Most people also visit nearby La Cruceta del Vigia and climb the 100-foot observation tower to gaze at the city, thhe islands and the sea.

The Serralles Castle is located at #17 El Vigia Hill in Ponce and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Admission is $3 adults and $1.50 children.